Value Statement

We all work together to achieve our vision and mission.

We treat all people with dignity, respect and fairness and take full responsibility for our actions as professional individuals.

We will deliver the best services and products to our clients. When it comes to quality we do not believe in short cuts. Each one of us is responsible for the quality of the work we do.

Our decisions and actions originate from our commitment and passion for excellence. We thrive to develop the best services and products for our clients.

We are commited to exceed our customer expectations in affordability, quality and timely response. We listen carefully to our clients and understand their requests and needs in order to provide optimal solutions.

We value creativity and ingenuity as the keystone for achieving our vision and mission. We foster a culture of diversity and value our employees for having variety of ideas, perspectives and expertise.

We are all accountable for our actions and responsible within the scope of our role both as an individual and a team member.

We are encouraged to communicate openly. We foster an open culture and want the ideas to surface openly. We want good, as well as, bad news to be heard. We tell the truth. Our strength is built upon our team performance.

The organization is only as good as its personel. Our people are our assets.Without them there will be no success. Our continued performance depends on our people performance. We work hard to give all the necessary work tools to our employees.

Global Technical Resources is a consulting firm. GTR provides quality services to global technical organizations. Firms throughout the world, ranging from prominent corporations to small businesses in a variety of industries rely on us for technology staffing, consulting services, project management and material supplies.

Our mission is to positively impact our clients’ business through acquisition of talent, professional consulting, project management and market expansion. Global Technical Resources, specializes in a wide range of Engineering and related Technical fields, strives to provide professional services to client companies. GTR offers programs to contracted employees that will substantially benefit both our assigned personnel and our valued clients.
GTR Technical Contractors are assigned to many of the world leading High Technology Firms. Our employees make valuable contributions to today's most exciting and innovative technologies. Our strategic relationships with industry leaders provide the Assigned Personnel a challenging and rewarding work environment that advances individual careers to their fullest potential.